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Engineered for consistent, healthy, perfect meals

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Your Digital Kitchen

Through the 7” LCD display access the best features of Riku. From guiding you during the automatic cooking process to giving you access to your digital pantry Riku gives you complete command over your kitchen. 

Perfect taste

Prefer more spicy food? Don't like too much salt in your dishes? Thanks to the A.I. driven spice profiles, Riku can automatically adjust any recipes spice profile to match yours so you will never have a bad tasting meal again! Our spice pods are designed to dispense quantities as low as ⅓ teaspoon.

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​Safe, Efficient & Precise Cooking

With faster, efficient heating and more accurate temperature control, our induction cook top provides a safe and economical alternative to traditional gas or infrared heating methods. The external temperature probe maintains a temperature accurate to  ± 5°C.

Cook for the entire family

Both our primary cooking vessels are made of aluminum with long lasting PFOA-free non-stick coating, making it a breeze to clean!

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Have a "Rice" day

The in-built rice cooker lets you cook the entire meal in one single appliance! Just add the ingredients you need and switch it on! Riku will automatically switch to “Keep warm” when it’s done and stay like that till your curry is cooked. Giving you a hot and healthy meal everyday.

Stress-free cooking

The in-built camera allows you to keep an eye on your dish as it is being cooked through the Riku App.

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Our in-built spice rack allows you to store up to 10 replaceable spice pods that can dispense everything from powders like salt and chilly powder to larger granules like cardamom.

The two liquid bottles can store water (1.5L) and and oil you want (500 ml).

With the sensors in Riku, spices and liquids can be dispensed exactly without you worrying about putting too much or too little. 

Weigh at will

The top lid doubles as an in-built kitchen scale. Weigh up-to 20 Kgs with instant feedback from the display.

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Technical Specifications


Wifi, Bluetooth

Temperature Range

50°C - 220°C/ 122°F - 428°F


7" TFT Capactive Touch

Max Weight

15 kg/ 33 lb


240 V

Induction Coil

400-1400 W

Rice Vessel Capacity


Curry Vessel Capacity


Spice Storage

150 ml x10 pods

Liquid Storage

Water - 1.5l, Oil - 500 ml

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