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The Riku app

Your digital kitchen assistant

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Meal Planning and tracking

Browse recipes and add it to your meal plan. With preparation reminders and shopping list generation you’ll never be hungry wondering what to eat.

Personalized Recipe Suggestions

Browse through over 500 recipes, each of which can be customized to your taste profile thanks to the A.I. driven spice profiles. Save them to cookbooks, add them to meal plans or share with your family so you never forget a good recipe!

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Pantry Management

Know what’s in your pantry at an instant. With easy adding and automatic usage counter through the recipes, your digital pantry will always be up to date. Expiry notifications and reminders makes sure that no ingredients go to waste in your kitchen.

Hardware Control

Control your Riku hardware through the app with live updates on what is cooking and all the information you’d need about your hardware.

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Guided Cooking Database

New to cooking? Found a tricky new recipe? Don’t worry! Every recipe on the platform will guide you through each step with key information like heat level, ingredients and timers. 

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