Cooking Modes

Cooking with Riku - Cooking Modes.jpg

  Manual Cooking  

From full control of the spice rack to accurate temperature control on the induction cooktop, you can take control of all of Riku’s systems to create whatever dish you want!

  Guided Cooking  

Choose a recipe and have Riku guide you through the steps. Automatically controlling the temperature and power while giving you target weights and preparation assistance.

  Automatic Cooking  

Tap. Load. Eat. Just choose your recipe, load the ingredients, and hit start. Riku takes care of each and every step of the process from dispensing spices to letting it simmer and keeping it warm. All while you’ve gotten your time back to do whatever you love!

Automatic Cooking

Just 3 steps

Cooking with Riku - Tap Load Eat-01.png
Cooking with Riku - Lets cook .jpg

Let's cook something!

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