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Relieve your mental and physical stress from the kitchen

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The world's first Automatic Rice & Curry Maker

Riku is an AI assisted hardware platform that helps you plan, shop, prepare, track and cook healthy meals at home.

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What can I do with Riku?

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  Nothing better than home  

Riku lets you enjoy fresh delicious meals at home cooked to perfection and personalized to your taste palette/preferences.

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  Automatic Cooking  

Cook any one-pot dish. With Riku's in-built systems you can just choose the recipe,  add the necessary ingredients and Riku will do the rest!

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  Create & Share  

Create your own recipes and share it with your family, friends or the world!

Just 3 steps

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Life with Riku

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Saves Time & Effort

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Experience new dishes

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Cook for the entire family

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Healthy home cooked meals

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Anyone can


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AI Driven Taste Profiles

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Cooks perfectly. Every time

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Updates right on the mobile app

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In-built weighing scale

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The Riku app

Your digital kitchen assistant

Unlock the true potential of Riku through the mobile app. Giving you live updates on everything from the levels of your spice pods to the status of what’s cooking currently. 

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